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Volume 11, Issue 1 - Winter 2013

Holly Taylor Coolman. "Proposing the Christian Vision of Marriage: What Can the Dominican Tradition Teach Us?" 1-7.

Thomas Joseph White, O.P. "The Tridentine Genius of Vatican II." 9-18.

Sr. Maria of the Angels, O.P. "Vineyards and Landscapes: Lectio Divinia in a Secular Age." 19-38.

Perry J. Cahall. "The Nucleus of the New Evangelization." 39-56.

Ralph Martin. "The Post-Christendom Sacramental Crisis: The Wisdom of Thomas Aquinas." 57-75.

Thomas Pink. "The Interpretation of Dignitatis Humanae: A Reply to Martin Rhomheimer." 77-121.

Kevin Raedy. "What Happened to the Vulgate? And Analysis of Divino Afflante Spiritu and Dei Verbum." 123-146.

Bruno M. Shah, O.P. "The Promise of a Unitary Sacred Theology: Rereading Aeterni Patris and Fides et Ratio." 147-186.

Robert Sokolowski. "God's Word and Human Speech." 187-210.

Pablo T. Gadenz. "Jesus the New Temple in the Thought of Pope Benedict XVI." 211-230.

Edward T. Oakes, S.J. "Pope Benedict XVI on Christ's Descent into Hell." 231-252.

Thomas G. Weinandy, O.F.M. Cap. "The Son's Filial Relationship to the Father: Jesus as the New Moses." 253-264.

Thomas M. Osborne. "Natura Pura: Two Recent Works." 265-279.

Book Reviews, 281-302.

Aaron Canty
Raymond Hain
Andrew Hofer, O.P.
Warren Kinghorn
Taylor Marshall
Jerome Zeiler, O.P.


Bishop Charles Morerod

Congratulations to Bishop Charles Morerod, O.P., Associate Editor of the English Edition of Nova et Vetera, on his episcopal ordination and appointment as bishop of Lausanne, Geneva, and Fribourg, Switzerland.


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